Monday, 27 October 2014

Probability Generator

Algorithmic trading, also known as automated trading is area in which Clone Algo Inc specializes in. The company has designed software that uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence. The technology is used on electronic platforms for managing trading orders. The algorithmic software executes programmed instructions with the use of variables such as quantity of order, price, and timing to name a few. It also initiates the orders by analyzing the stock market conditions using automated computer instructions. 

The algo trading app is extensively used by investment banks, and institutional traders to manage risk and earn passive income. Now the way this app works is that it calculates the probabilities of various outcomes and according initiates orders by analyzing which current trade option is likely to yield maximum returns. For example, investing in stock market while the prices of shares are going down is not a sound decision. Unfortunately for humans it is hard to predict when the prices of a particular stock are likely to rise or plummet since countless factors go on to affect the prices of financial instruments. 

However, using a probability generator tool it can be estimated and that is exactly what the clone Algo trading app does. As discussed earlier, its algorithmic technology takes into account various factors that influence the stock marketing and other instruments in financial market. After analyzing those factors it determines the chances/probabilities of receiving returns from a particular transaction.

The algo trading application has been designed after years of intensive research in timing technology and artificial intelligence which is why it promise highly accurate calculations which traders use for making the soundest financial decision. The USP of this probability generator tool is that it gives spot-on outcomes every single time it is deployed for calculating statistical odds of a particular trading option. 

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