Monday, 27 October 2014

Dukaandari Approach to Algos

The algorithmic trading applications that have been designed, developed, and launched by Clone Algo Inc follow the unique Dukandari approach. What this approach entails is that for each arena whether it is Forex, Gold or commodities, there is a specific app that have been specifically designed to deal with trades in that particular area. 

For example, if the app by Clone Algo is designed to do predictions related to Crude Oil commodity, then it will perform trading in the field of commodities sector only. Crude oil is an important commodity which directly affects the production costs of industrial organizations. That is why companies try to cut down on this cost by deploying risk management strategies and using trading technologies. This is where the algorithm trading apps such as the one by Clone Algo comes into play. 

There are apps which are solely designed for this particular commodity only, which is what qualifies it as a specialized trading application. Another similar commodity is Gold. The worth of Gold is always fluctuating as it is prone to constant ups and down. Buying and selling of gold commodities during these fluctuations and making the profits in-between, is the end-goal of all traders. The algo trading app by Clone Algo observes the factors that influence such price fluctuations in Gold and offers suggestions as to when to buy and when to sell it off (whichever is more profitable option).

Another highly lucrative business is that Forex (foreign exchange) which involves buying and selling of various currencies and thus making money due to differences in their values. Clone Algo has designed a specialized application that deals in initializing Forex related trading only.  

In conclusion, Clone Algo follows dukandari approach, which in simpler words is specialization pertaining to a particular field. The company has created dedicated apps for various fields like Forex, Gold, and Crude Oil to ensure highest degree of accuracy in predicting profitable trades. 

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